The Sheds

17.410 m2 divided in 4 Sheds are perfect for any type of event: private, corporate, public events and fairs of varying types and sizes.
From the platforms alongside, where trains unloaded their goods, you can admire the astonishing self-supporting metallic iron framework, displaying a technical prowess unique in the world.

The glass, sawtooth roof spreads natural northern light all over the space.

Lounge@Royal Depot

Lounge @ Royal Depot located in the Royal Depot of Tour & Taxis.

Level 0 (75 m2)
The lounge bar is situated on the ground floor, where you can enjoy a drink or have a cosy start or ending of your event.

Level -1 (300 m2)
An open space which is perfect for your presentations,
lectures, workshops, diners as well as weddings up to 100 persons.

Produits Dangereux

Produits Dangereux is a refurbished depot built in 1902 where dangerous products such as explosive materials or munitions were stored.
Today, it offers a fantastic space of 160 m2  for whatever event you’ve got planned.

Hôtel de la Poste

The name of the Hôtel de la Poste was originally «Hôtel d’administration» as it was used as the administrative center of the entire site. The historic ticket window hall is approximately 800m2 and can host up to 600 guests.

The majestic ticket window hall can be used for several purposes: meetings, product launches, concerts, weddings etc. Next to it can find the 300m2 «Foyer» where a coffee break or a lunch can take place during your event.